3 MARCH 1855, Page 6


Montrose is likely to be contested with some severity. The two local candidates are Sir John Ogilvie, a gentleman of landed property in For- farshire, and Mr. Edward Baxter, an eminent manufacturer of Dundee. The names of Mr. Burnley Hume, a son of the deceased Mr. Hume, and Mr. John S. Trelawny, have been mentioned. Shcadd Mr. Burnley Hume stand, Mr. Trelawny has stated that he will give way. All the candidates are Liberals.

Lord Duncan will not be opposed in Forfarshire.

Mr. Layard has been elected Lord Rector of the Aberdeen University, by a majority of three out of the four nations over Colonel Sykes.

A fatal accident occurred on the railway between Glasgow and Paisley last week. In consequence of the breaking of an axle, a passenger-train came to a stand, a third-class carriage having been turned over on its side ; the people in the other carriages rapidly got out, but before those in the vehicle which was upset could be extricated, another train ran into the disabled one, crushing several carriages to pieces,—unfortunately, the third-class carriage was one of these. An elderly woman from Kilmarnock u as killed ; and several other persona sustained fractures or less serious hurts. Why the second train was not stopped in time is not clear—the guard of the first train ran back to stop it.; but either his signal was not seen, or there was not time to act effectually in bringing the train to a stand.