3 MARCH 1866, Page 1

It is remarkable that Mr. Lowe and Mr. Horsman, who

have been plaguing the Government to the full extent of their power for three weeks back, both apologized for the Duke of Somerset, and put his conduct in the least unfavourable light, as also did the Times leader of yesterday. This may be regarded as a scholium upon the canard to which we have referred above: ,The Duke of Somerset was selected as the head of the apocryphal Ministry supported by the Times, and probably approved by Mr. Lowe, and to defend him the two disappointed Whig orators rise at once, though they have outdone themselves in assailing Mr. Gladstone. Is there, then, a distinguishing regard for the Duke of Somerset in the minds of these two candid critics of the Government ? Is there special reason to hope that he may abjure Reform, and not absolutely turn away the light of his countenance from a Lowe-Horsman party?