3 MARCH 1866, Page 2

The usual debate on. the little Bill for abolishing the

oaths qualifying Dissenters for certain municipal and other offices of the State took place in the House on Wednesday, and the second reading was carried against poor Mr. Newdegate by a majority of 121-176 to 55. Of course the Peers will again reject it. Every one admits the oath is useless, and would not now be asked for, for the first time. No one complains that many of those who are required to take it don't take it, and are regularly indemni- fied for not doing so at the end of the session, but still it

-"represents a principle,"—abotit as much as, we suppose, and no more than, the use of nightcaps, which never were of any use to prevent colds, though they were once thought of use for that pur- pose, are worn by no sensible man now, and which might just as -usefully be enforced by law,—all who did not like them being indemnified for not wearing them at the end of every session,—as these trumpery oaths for offices.