3 MARCH 1866, Page 21

A Latin - English Dictionary, for the Use of Junior Students. Abridged

from the larger work of White and Riddle. By the Rev. J. T. White, ALA. (Longmans.)—We suppose that as White and Riddle's larger work is now generally held to be the standard Latin dictionary, no schoolboy will consider that he has fair play unless he is provided with the volume before us. It certainly does strike us as better than any- thing of the kind that we have seen before, both in the arrangement and abundance of the meanings and in the etymological and grammatical explanations. But there is an additional recommendation in the mode of printing the words which is a complete novelty. Each leading word is so divided by hyphens as to show at a glance the base, the suffix, and the euphonic consonants, in fact the whole process of formation. The editor was led to adopt this plan, it seems, by the success that attended a little work on a similar principle, in use at a particular school. We are not surprised to hear this, and we think that this feature alone is enough to recommend the dictionary. We are glad to hear that the principle is to be carried out in the forthcoming Public Schools' Latin Grammar, which is likely to be taken into general use.