3 MARCH 1866, Page 21

The Leisure Hour. 1865. (Paternoster Row and Piccadilly.)—We do not

know a better pennyworth than a number of the Leisure Hour, if it is only for the sake of the engravings. These are excellently done ; we have looked through the whole volume, and have not found more than half-a-dozen that we are inclined to find fault with, whilst there are a great number that are really good. The literary part of the work is of a severer character than is the case with our old friend " Chambers ;" but it conveys a good deal of information, is calculated to assist the educational process, and does not altogether lack that lighter element which justifies it in placing the quotation from Cowper at the head of its pages :—

" Behold in those what leisure hours demand—

Amusement and true knowledge hand in hand."