3 MARCH 1866, Page 22

A Catalogue of the Original Works of John Wyclif. By

W. W: Shirley, D.D. (Macmillan, the Clarendon Press.)—" The object or this little volume," says the Regius Professor, "is to collect infor- mation. If any reader should be able to add to our knowledge of the manuscripts of Wyclifs works, their chronology, or their connection with each other, he will confer a favour upon the author and contribute to the accomplishment of his object, that, viz., of preparing the way for a satisfactory edition of Wyclif's select works." Whilst Wyclif's Latin works, it seems, are pretty well established, there is the greatest con- fusion about his writings in English ; those wore at the timo of pro- duction so popular that they were circulated in all kinds of shapes and_ pieces, and present the utmost variety and inconsistency. It is with the view of remedying this state of things that the present catalogue- has been published ; it is the result of researches at home and at Prague, Vienna, and Paris ; it contains the names of the English and Latin works in separate lists, the latter classified according to their subjects, occasionally dated and supplemented with such early testi- monies to their authenticity as are extant ; also some account of the manuscripts, and an index of the first words. The compilation has coot considerable labour, scattered over a period of ten or twelve years, and, as we said at the beginning, the co-operation of experts is invited.