3 MARCH 1866, Page 22

Onunan Sense. A novel. By Mrs. C. J. Newby. 3

vols. (Newby.) —Second Edition. Oue really can read this story from beginning to end with satisfaction, which is more than one can always say for the works that issue from Mr. Newby's establishment. It is true that in the characters of the lady adventuress and her daughters we are re- minded of the Falcon Family, and that the hero is own brother to Tom Tolliver; also that our authoress gets quite in love with the said hero, and makes people bow down before him in a way that is exasperating at timee. Still with all this the novel is a legitimate success ; the tabseacters are naturally drawn, the style good, and the tone healthy. Qur hero shows his "common sense" by going into a factory instead of to Eton, whop hie silly father has ruined the family, and by his honest work beings the match-making mother's daughters, and indeed every- body else in turn, to see the error of their ways. There are some trades- meres,interiors that are welt described; indeed the whole story runs easily, and we.are brought to the end, if without any demand on our reflective powers, also. uod,istarbed by anything that clashes with our sense of propriety.