3 MARCH 1866, Page 3

Mr. Crawford, member for the City of rondo* Seems to

be as nmoh annoyed with the telegraph to India as everybody else is with the telegraph system at home. In a very pleasant and instructive speech he quoted instances of mistakes in the delivery of Indian tele- grams Which might have rained the firms sending them, attributed the mischief to the employment of Turkish signallers, and asked for a select committee. We do not see how the committee is to com- pel the Divan to engage European clerks, or to prevent it from monopolizing the lines half the day, but If Mr. Crawford does, perhaps the Government May also. The oddest feature in the matter is that messages to Government come swiftly and come right, the signallers being afraid to delay them. The Indian merchants interested should pay some Turkish Minister or Sultana an annuity—to stop whenever messages were delayed. A few un: lucky signallers might be bastinadoed after a magnetic storm, but messages would come quickly enough. The root of the mischief, as of every other evil in " the East," lies in Constantinople.