3 MARCH 1906, Page 26

The Scots Peerage. Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul. Vol.

III. (David Douglas, Edinburgh. 30s. net, or 25s. net per vol. for the whole series of six or seven volumes.)—This volume contains thirty-three notices of noble Scottish families, existent or extinct, including from "Crawford" to " Falkland." Each of them is written by a person specially acquainted with his subject, a feature of which the editor is justly proud. The work is founded upon Sir R. Douglas's "Peerage of Scotland," as edited by Wood, but it is substantially new. Among the more celebrated of the existing peerages are Crawford, Dundonald, Dysart, Eglinton, Elgin, Elphinstone, Erroll, Falldand ; among the extinct, Douglas (Douglas) and Dundee (Graham).