3 MARCH 1928, Page 14

One of the very oldest of country sayings is that

" March is the month that blooms the whirs ; and the whins, the furze, the gorse, is already in very gorgeous bloom on Midland commons. On one popular golf links you may. accurately infer the nature of the soil by the bushes. Gorse is a true xerophyte, and flourishes on the drier patches. Where the

soil is deeper, holly and thorn and juniper 'crowd together. . ,

The best greens too are on the drier 'patchea, for there the finer fescuei supplaht-corirse bents,- degstails, and even clovers and starweeds. As for the ling-the one variety of heath-LI it is everywhere, but is easily conquered by the Very finest grasses when mown. Happily thyme and bedstraw, both very gay a little later; do not suffer from the'MoWing machine.

- W, BEACH :Triora4gr,