3 MAY 1930, Page 2

The Croat Trial The trial of twenty-four Croats, arising out

of an attempt to bomb a train containing State officials, is causing great excitement in Jugoslavia. Since one of- the accused is Dr. Matchek, the leader of the Croat Peasant Party, strong political and racial feelings have been aroused. Dr. Matchek has, however, received offers of support from many prominent barristers in the Serbian parties. One of the accused, Mr. Hajeja, an ex-student, has practically admitted his guilt and substituted for a defence a diatribe against the Dictatorship. He pleads, nevertheless, that the bomb was intended only to stop the train and not to hurt anyone. Under a Dictatorship there is a constant danger of what a Chinese General recently described as "an inexperienced method of parliamentary change" —civil war.

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