3 MAY 1930, Page 21

Now that we can hav e no more new work by D.

H. Lawrence, sonic will snatch at all the old that they can get. The Assorted Articles, collected by Martin Seeker, and issued in one volume at 6s., are, of course, occasional work and suffer from some of the defects of repetition, overlapping, &c., -Of such work. There is much here, however, which is typical Of Lawrence, both at his best, and at his worst. A short descriptive essay, "

ciance"; "An Autobiographical Sketch"; "Hymns on a Man's Life"; 'and " Making Pictures " will all be of particular interest td students of Lawrence's life, and some of the others will correct the 'prevalent misapprehensions regarding the narrowness of Lawrence's view Of life. At the best,. however, they are not equsil to his longer work, and it is only as a postscript tA it that they must be received. '

* * * *