3 MAY 1930, Page 3

We publish elsewhere a letter from an Englishman abroad on

the familiar deficiency of our marketing organization —a deficiency which is the principal reason for the slow recovery of our export trade. This urgent need for scientific marketing was eiriphasized by Sir William Crawford in a letter to the Daily Telegraph on Mimday. He put in a plea for home trade which, he said, is "five' or six times as great as our export trade. . . . In their navigation of the home market our manu- facturers are still scarcely better served than were our sea captains before the days of charts and compasses." He suggests that Government Departments should publish statistics of the monthly output in the varions industries (other than coal, iron, steel, &c.) Of consumption and of income. Can we hope for an extension of the present activities of the Economic Advisory Council to link up the development of home trade with the work of the Department of Overseas Trade ?

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