3 MAY 1930, Page 35

More Books of the Week

(Confinued fro*. iiage „743.)- It is difficult to imagine that there exists-a public for Spqin : Yesterday and To-morrow, by Henry Baerlein .(Jenkins. 10s. 6d.). The author tells us that he was sent by his pub- lishers to write a book about Spain-,-as if there were not already too many such hooks of mediocre quality. Mr. Baerlein has achieved a hotch-potel, of a.necdotage and guidebookery, and although lie toured the country widely and can tell us of visits to little known-jewels such as Lorca and Villajoyosa (north of Alictinte),- his hook is bald and inadequate as a presentation either -of the country or of the people. His incidental com- ment on -political- conditions—he wrote in the twilight of General_ Primo de Rivera's regime—is superficial and entirely unoriginiiL , * * * * •