3 MAY 1930, Page 35

To those who have not visited Italy the Italian Exhibition

gave, in the Donatello and Verrocchio " Dayids " and in the smaller bronzes, a foretaste of the work described in Florentine Sculptors of the Fifteenth Century, by Mr. Ormsby Gore, M.P. (Macmillan, 7s. 6d.). It is a charming book, written to express the author's delight in the creations of Donatello, Andrea Pisano, Ghiberti and the other great men of the Florentine Renaissance, and well calculated to arouse enthusiasm in others. The thirty-two illustrations are well chosen. Here, too, we may commend Professor Walter B. Agard's attractive and thoughtful essay on The Greek Tradition in Sculpture (Baltimore, Johns Hopkins Press ; and Oxford University Press, 18s. 6c1.), in which he surveys the whole field of sculpture from Phidias and Praxiteles down to Rodin, Bourdelle and

taking account on the way of the great Florentines with whom Mr. Ormsby Gore is concerned. This volume, too, is finely illustrated and deserves careful reading.

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