3 MAY 1940, Page 16

SIR,—You did well to publish Mr. Radinsky's effusion desplie the

protests from some of your readers. Personally, I think there is much in what he says, and indeed will give him his case, and much more if he likes ; and even so, what then? The matters which he mentions are relatively superficial. "Our ways are not your ways." Agreed. He says he is a Jew. Very good. The facts are these : His race, his people, men, women and innocent children, because they are Yews, have been deprived of their means of livelihood and tortured both mentally and physically by a Power with which this country, Britain, is at war. In this country, with all its faults, his race and his people have full freedom and equality. There is no discrimination of either race, creed or colour. Very well. This country in which they enjoy full and inalienable human rights is at war to the death with the Power that subjects Mr. Radinsky's nationals to the most infamous, ceaseless and pitiless persecution. These are the plain facts. Yet, because Mr. Radinsky's ways are not exactly our ways, he can calmly stand by in an attitude of isolated superiority ! I repeat : I give him his case—and a thousand times more if he likes—and what then?

Well, if I were a Jew I would say : "I have no particular love for these Britishers, but in this fight they are out to down at all costs the Power which denies to my people the elementary rights of common humanity, and I'm with them! "—Very earnestly yours, ARTHUR HANSON. Ling/ell, Pollard Avenue, Bingley, Yorks.