3 MAY 1997, Page 29

Poor taste

Sir: Is Simon Hoggart all right? He takes a whole column (why?) to abuse a harmless new sitcom (Sunnyside Farm), savaging it with baffling intensity simply because it failed to amuse him (Arts, 26 April). One has to concede that he makes rather a good case, until he spoils it by offering an exam- ple of his own idea of fun: 'The writers are Richard Preddy and Gary Howe. I am sure we shall hear more of them, preferably in a news bulletin about a terrible train crash.'

Read it again. It beggars belief, doesn't It? If the BBC are genuinely in the market for 'stupidity and brutish nastiness' they need look no further — which will free more of your columns for that nice Mr Del- ingpole, who writes so charmingly and per- suasively about programmes he thinks we might like to watch, with subtle hints as to how we might watch them.

Don't you think young Hoggart's in need of a good long holiday? Some of the chaps are getting quite worried about him.

Andrew Davies 21 Station Road, Kenilworth,