3 MAY 1997, Page 61


A first prize of £30 and a bottle of Graham's Late Bottled Vintage 1991 Port for the first correct solution opened on 19 May, with two runners-up prizes of £20 (or, for UK solvers, the latest edition of The Chambers Dictionary — ring the word `Dictionary'). Entries to: Crossword 1309, The Spectator, 56 Doughty Street, London WC1N 2LL.

The unclued lights (one of two words, and one hyphened) com- prise a key word and two associated quartets. Brewer confirms 10 and 30.

Name Address ACROSS 1Question in a puzzle leads to historic gun (8) 8 Pilgrimage endured by judge (4)

11 Hollow-faced three talk in way with leader from Dunsinane (12, hyphened)

12 Policeman impounds hard arrow-head (5)

14 Cords in yard separating gourds (7)

17 Chip for mark behind middle of green (5) 18 Glass in casino's walls reflected a trick (6) 22 Visitant having drinks with one in hospital (8) 23 Platter put out for hen (7) 24 You'll probe faulty flue? It's worth looking at (6) 25 Drops given by second doctor (6) 27 Resentful knight? You'll see one in siege (7) 33 About love, swami finally renders obscure phrases (6)

34 In waltzes tycoon, full of relish (5)

35 Damaged saloon, unloading on to boot (4) 37 Repentant at tense ceremony


38 Poor aside from male bore (5) 39 Yellowness Carton abandoned with his hoax, losing head on scaffold (12) 40 Play concert, first to last (4)

D41Openings stirring sly hopes? (8) OWN 1 Something tame and woolly from gala LP, a cappella (6)

2 Who orally gets the sun above? (4) 3 Posh hat, one in perfect state (6) 4 Bust support in sound, silky fabric (7) 5 Modest fault bosun treated (10)

6 There's merry play round me (7)

8 Prevents benefits (5) 9 Reptiles suffering ruin, so sad (9) 15 Bones turning up — and Scotty's one constant — in setting among stars (11) 20 Grasping crook is idle throughout existence (8) 21 Vessel covering Italian waterway about town? Not half! (9) 26 Dumpy old nobody, living like a pig? (7) 28 Rare folly puts one in spot in Arctic (7) 31 Sun affected most of soft lichens (6) 36 I'd say this could be made by dairies (4)

Solution to 1306: Mass medium

The operator in a mass medium was a DISC JOCKEY; the puzzle was a JOCKEY DISC, featuring KINANE, EDDERY, CARSON, PIGGOTT, SWIN- BURN and DETTORI.

First prize: A.J. Ford, Penzance, Cornwall. Runners-up: Olga Lloyd, Burton upon Trent; Sir Norman Price, Eastbourne.