3 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1


VENETIA has voted herself Italian by 641,758 to 69, which, considering that Venice was Italian by the will of Heaven, whether she voted it or no, is highly satisfactory. It is not often that a fact is recognized to be a fact by 9,999 out of every 10,000 men. The vote has no other importance, but this little story told by the Times' correspondent has. A poor Venetian cobbler, unable to buy a flag, pasted three pieces of paper over his door, red, white, and green, with this inscription on the white, "Dear Italy, I would, but I cannot, do more for thee." Imagine a senti- ment of that kind not only felt, but expressed, by an English cobbler! He would be killed before night with the brutal jocularity of a class who in Italy appreciate the sentiment as keenly as if they could read and write. With what a scorn an English rough or "gent "must read the statement that in the wild burst of enthu- siasm which followed the evacuation of Venice, "no one in the crowd attempted to push," or wore a false nose, or howled insults by way of gentle badinage. What effeminate men, who can only die for their country!