3 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

Mr. Stafford's. Ministry iaNew Zealand. has been ejected, and reconstituted

by additions from the' WeldAlinistry. Mr. Fitz- herbed, one of the ablest and most honourable men in the colony, is - to be Colonial Treasurer ; Mr. •L E. Richmond, a .man-of the most sensitive intellect and largest grasp of mind, though defi- cient in the tactics which ,unite .and bind together. a party, is to-. be Commissiou.er:of Customs,, and there would appear to be, en the whole, the elements-of a- stable administration. The Assem- bly were very -anxious, to reduce the -taxation at once, which is very heavy,—about- 5/. a head without. the _land. revenue,—and rely partly -on loans; but this the minority have refused, and the stamp duties were carried by a...large majority. The iuteation in New Zealand -was to . keep .only, one- .Queen's regiment, and the 14th, 50th, and 57-th Regiments- were leaving. Here, it is said that the Government are preparing-to.send reinforcements to New Zealand in place of the regiments leaving, .bat in this sudden and unmeaning revolution of- policy- we cannot,.without strong evidence, - believe.