3 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 1

On 29th October the Pope delivered two Allocutions to his

Cardinals, one complaining that.4ussia has violated the Concordat of 1848, which is of no importance; the other declaring that the temporal power is essential to his spiritual independence, that he is ready to suffer death for the maintenance of the sacred rights of the Holy See, and that he will, if necessary, "seek in another

country the requisite security for the better exercise of his ministry." This taken .bf,itselibwould -memo that the Pope had agreed to fly whertatheArFienchistroups ;retina, bittallievlioli nevertheless " accords hblonedilitiotutooltah)." That Icieks very. like an invitation to a compromise with Italy on the bast of roe raining his sovereign rights but giving up the civil administra - tiou, which, now that Florence is to remain the capital, is quite a possible arrangement. The Pope can surrender nothing, but if violent people will take things, why the first principles of the Chureh are forgiveness and humility.