3 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

The Brazilians, it would seem, ,are at last aware that

they can, not conquer Paraguay. A telegram from Rio admits that the Brazilian army was defeated at Curapaity, with-the lass.of 8,000 men, and we believe it will by and by be admitted that this defeat ended in the capitulation of the entire army. The telegram says, "General Lopez has made propositions for peace;" for-' peace " read "our capitulation," and the statement will be nearly. correct. The Brazilians are thoroughly beaten, and with their defeat ends the last chance of their being. able to:maintain slavery, for which they commenced the campaign. This result will be a tremendous shock to the Empire, already terribly overweighted_ by a slave popula- tion,. munbering,three Ane of the whites.