3 NOVEMBER 1866, Page 2

The Town Council of Sheffield have agreed to send a

deputa- tion to the Home Secretary praying him]to appoint a Royal Cora- mission of Inquiry into trades' outrages at Sheffield. At the meeting called to consider • the subject,- some astonishment was expressed at Mr. Hughes's letter to this journal explaining what the Unions have done to put down outrages. The masters say the Unions have done very little, and we have a letter from Sheffield strongly condemning his statements, though trusting that he will be one of the Commission. We would publish .it willingly, but the writer has forgotten that journalists have not the immunity, from actions for libel which Royal Commissions enjoy. We do not see the joke of paying the whole expenses of the inquiry, as we should have to do if we published his statements. We trust the Commission will be granted, and that the .magistrates will see that the heaviest sentences in their power.are inflicted on_any,men who threaten witnesses.