3 NOVEMBER 1900, Page 13


Scrambles in the Eastern Graians, 1878-1897. By George Yeld. With 20 Illustrations and a Map. (T. Fisher Unwin. 7s. 6d.)— This book is intended to call attention to a comparatively little. visited portion of the Alps, lying to the west and south of Cogne, a small town:not very far from the Val d'Aosta. Though the moun- tains do not reach the elevation of the greater peaks in Switzer- land and Savoy, many attain to the height of 11,000 ft., and their ascent does not seem to present any unusual difficulties to ex- perienced mountaineers. Besides the scenery, the flowers of the district would form a great attraction to a botanist, for Mr. Yeld found them of much interest, though he did not see them when they would be at their best, in June ; autumn being the best season for mountain climbing. Of the insects—for bees and butterflies go with flowers in the Alps as elsewhere—he does not speak. The letterpress of the book, much of which has previously appeared in the Alpine Journal, will be specially interesting to those who have visited the neighbourhood, or who are proposing to do so ; and the illustrations are excellent, and give a fair idea of the objects they are intended to represent,—chiefly mountains, but occasionally views, costumes, 1.m.