3 NOVEMBER 1917, Page 29


I SAW a vision in the night, And through the clouds a misty light.

Below me in the myrtle trees The leaves were rustling in the breeze.

On horses red and bay and white The Guardians moved across my sight " 0 Lord," I spoke, "and who are these Who ride among the myrtle trees ?"' An angel stood and said to me : " Themselves shall tell thee Pilo they be."

The men cried: " We are they that go To do His bidding to and fro.

The Lord has bid us walk the earth To oversee man's death and birth.

We walked to-night to do His will And found the earth at peace and atill."

Then said I: " Lord, how can this be ?

If earth is not at peace with Thee.

For seventy years dust Thou condemn This Judah and Jerusalem."

The voice that answered was the Lord's

In good and comfortable words:

" Whoever fights the fight for Me Has peace for all eternity."

The sky behind the hills was grey.

The guardians sassing on their way Left me and all the myrtle-trees

To sing together in the breeze. r.