3 NOVEMBER 1928, Page 90

* * * *

" Hafsa's " Desert Winds (Laurie, 16s.) is, barely stated, an account of travel in Algeria, but with a difference. There is nothing here of 'that " mystery " or " colour " or " quaint charm " of the East (for native Algeria its just the East moved West) which attracts the condescending notice of ordinary travellers. " Hafsa's " way is different, for she (akin to the people she describes) paints them as human beings " from the inside " and not with patronizing curiosity. Setting out for a morning's hawking she writes of the dawn on the desert with its " glittering dew, on sand and rocks and brittle hlfa-grass." This brings back to us the tawny rifted authentic desert : with the Arabs : we can say to " Hafsa," " Allah's Peace be with you on your journey, but may you return again." Travel books with such originality and distinction are rare;