3 NOVEMBER 1928, Page 90

TI" innie the Pooh needs no introduction. Those who love him

will welcome Mr. A. A. Milne's continued biography The House At Pooh Corner (Methuen, 7s. 6d.), and those who have withstood his charms are unlikely to be converted, for the bear of very little brain " is unaltered. Piglet is as excitable, Eeyore is as lugubrious, and Mr. Shepard's illustrations are as perfect as ever. A new friend, Tigger, who is striped, bouncing and not very gentlemanly, has joined the happy company, and the tale of his " unbouncing " is one of the best in the book. We feel that he would have grown upon us, but Mr. Milne tells us that we are to have no more. We shall miss the conversations at Pooh Corner, as we might have missed Tigger.

* * * *