3 NOVEMBER 1979, Page 17

Mersey mystery

Sir: In 'A hundred years ago' of 13 October, you describe the disappearance of a respectable young lady from her home in Liverpool. Tantalisingly, you do not inform your readers of the outcome.

What had happened to poor Miss Edwards? Had she been kidnapped, as was feared, and placed in some house of illrepute? Had she perhaps suffered a bout of amnesia and been found later wandering aimlessly in some distant city? Had she, in spite of her family's belief, eloped? Or had she indeed been murdered?

I am sure I cannot be the only one of your readers who would like to see this mystery cleared up.

Christopher P. Grogan 230 Avila Road, West Palm Beach, Florida USA Miss Edwards was 'discovered walking about in London.' The Spectator of 25 October 1879 reports that 'no explanation has been offered of her disappearance, and her family express a wish that the whole matter should be forgotten.'