3 OCTOBER 1868, Page 1


THE Bourbons have made their exit from Spain,—i.e., from Europe. In the last days of September, Isabella's ministers, the brothers Concha,—the Marquis of the Havannah and the Mar- quis of Duero,—having announced to her that as she would not give up her favourite, Marfori, and come to Madrid, they would no longer " guarantee the situation," she left Spain for Pau, in France, on the 30th ult., carrying away with her, says an uncharitable report, the Crown jewels. At the time she left there was no situation for the Generals to guarantee. General Novaliches engaged the revolutionary troops in a faint battle at the bridge of Alcolea, on the Guadalquivir, near Cordova, on the 28th or 29th of September,—it is not easy to tell which,— and almost the only serious fighting seems to have been done by General Novaliches in person, who has since died of his wounds. Jose Concha, the minister, who was at the time at Madrid, on receiving the news seems to have decided at once to give way to the Revolution. The troops fraternized with the people. The Royal arms were torn down and dragged in the dust. A provisional Junta was appointed ; the elections to decide on the future of the country are to take place at once ; and all resistance to the revolution throughout Spain is said to have wholly ceased.