3 OCTOBER 1868, Page 15


EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR.") S111,—Will you allow me to ask those of your readers who sub- scribe to the S. P. C. K. to attend next Tuesday to vote against a

grant of 2,000/. to the Dean of Maritzburg, for the use of those clergy of Natal who have separated from their Bishop? Of course they exercised their undoubted right ; no one blames, and many respect, them. But for the Society which professes above all others to represent the Church of England to give them active support is such a very grave matter, and may in the long run have such grave consequences, that I am anxious once more to call attention to the facts.

The most eminent jurists in this country have declared certain opinions tenable within the Church of England, and not incon- sistent with its formularies. The Bishop of Capetown has declared these same opinions untenable, and pronounced the law to be a grievous wrong to the Church. The Bishop of Natal, hold- ing the law to be more trustworthy than the Bishop of Capetown's opinions, took his stand upon it, and for this Dr. Gray solemnly anathematized him.

This is the whole question at issue. Bishop Colenso's good or bad taste, his opinions, the general spirit of his Natal Sermons, are not under discussion. Bishop Gray "excommunicated him" on certain grounds, which grounds are some of them doubtful, some in direct violation of English law.—I am, Sir, &c.,