3 OCTOBER 1868, Page 2

In Chelsea, again, Mr. C. W. Dilke, Sir IL Hoare,

and Mr. Odger, are endangering the seat by their-rivalry ; and at North- ampton Mr. Bradlaugh is endangering Lord Henley's seat without apparently any chance of succeeding himself. And there are plenty of other instances of this unfortunate excess of Liberal candidates. Almost all profess their desire to be governed by any satisfactory proof of the wishes of the constituency, but then unfortunately few of them admit that any satisfactory evidence that they themselves are not the favourites is producible. A comparison of promises is ridiculed on all hands as a comparison of pure fictions. Can this dishonourable zeal, which deliberately multiplies the number of each committee's promises, be as common as it is asserted to be ? If so, what good can possibly come of a zeal so foul in its source ?