3 OCTOBER 1868, Page 2

Mr. Hughes is to leave Lambeth to the two aldermen,

the Lord Mayor Elect, Mr. James Lawrence, and Mr. Ex-Sheriff McArthur, who have hitherto been contesting with each other the post of colleague to Mr. Hughes. Mr. Hughes proposes to offer himself instead for Frome, for the seat of Sir II. Rawlinson, who retires. Mr. Hughes may gain something by being relieved from the onerous duties of representing the local interests of a large metropolitan constituency, but he will be a grave loss to Lambeth —and to London. The London boroughs need men of his high mettle and moral courage. He has never shrunk from denouncing a local sin, however powerful, or from resisting even popular cries when they were inconsistent with his own deepest convictions. Men of thoroughly popular feelings with courage to resist the people are but rare amongst us, and as precious as they are rare.