3 OCTOBER 1981, Page 19

Portentous prophet

Sir: Nostradamus's eerie prophecies may have even greater immediacy than that suggested by Richard West in his fascinating article on the 16th century seer (19 September). For several of the Nostradamus quatrains appear to point to a world-shattering event that is due.to happen within the next four weeks, i.e. under the sign of Libra in 1981. This event relates to the future of the world after the rise of Nostradamus's predicted third Anti-Christ and the forecast nuclear war at the end of the century and is mentioned in Nostradamus i.50, iv.50 and vi.24.

As it happens, this prophecy provides the central theme of a novel we have just published, called The Nostradamus Horoscope by Graham Lord. The book also reveals that Nostradamus was born not on 14 December 1503 but on Christmas Day.

As for the Anti-Christ of whom so many prophets have warned, the American seer Jeane Dixon has claimed that the AntiChrist is already 19 and was born somewhere in the Middle East on 5 February 1962.

Paul Sidey Hutchinsons, 3 Fitzroy Square, London W1