3 SEPTEMBER 1831, Page 9

From the evidence given at the Coroner's inquest, it appeared

that the female's name was Mary Dunn ; and that she was one of the lowest of those wretched creatures who are unhappily too numerous to require particular description. She and two other women had gone out towards

Black Rock on Sunday, to beg, and there they fell in with two young men, with whom they spent the day in various public-houses ; and on the road the girl Dunn was charged, when they were parting company, with having robbed one of the men, and lie struck her and she ran away. Her female companions returned to Brighton. It may be inferred (for of this there is no evidence), that either in running away, or in attempt- ing to go home after the meu left her, Doan had strayed over the cliff and been killed. The Jury, however, found the two young men William Hemsley and Henry Brooker guilty of manslaughter.

FATAL QUARREL.-..ID the morning of Saturday, the wife of Mr. G. Worseldine, the youngest son of Mr. 1Vorseldine, carpenter, Holborn, received some cause of offence from her brother-in-law, Mr. William Worseldine; when the two brothers came in at one o'clock, the hour of dinner, she related the circumstance to her husband. High words en- •

sued between the brothers, blows followed, and George fell sells:I.:4s on the floor. Mr. Dale, surgeon, of Holism), being sent for, immediately attempted to bleed the poor man, bat life was entirely extinct. The de- ceased (who had not been married more than four months) was about twenty-seven years of age—his brother is thirty.. An inquest was held on Monday : it then appeared, from the testimony of the surgeon, that death was occasioned by his excessive passion producing apoplexy. The Jury returned a verdict in these terms, and the brother was imme- diately liberated.

FATAL FIGHT AT pis ISLE OS Dons.—On Monday night, the jury as- sembled to prosecute the inquiry into the circumstances that led to the death of Dodd, returned a verdict of manslaughter against John Jordan, as the stakeholder, Michael Kelly, the second to Cox, and Richard Har- grave. The Coroner instantly issued his warrant for the apprehension • of Jordan and Kelly. POACHERS AND GAMEKEEPERS.—AbOla two o'clock a n Saturday mon-, ing, the gamekeeper of Wentworth Bayly, Esq. of Weston Market Suffolk, going his rounds, accompanied by an assistant, encountered a gang of seven poachers. Three of them ran off at their appearance, but a desperate conflict took place between the remaining four and the keepers. The keepers were knocked down and dreadfully beater., and left in a senseless state.

Mottoaa.—On Tuesday evening, at Siberthorpe, near Wilford. in Northampton, a young woman, named Wright, was stabbed, in a lit of jealousy, by a man named Granther cousin, and twenty-six years her senior—whose addresses site had refused. She died in about five hours afterwards. The assassin, who had induced the poor girl to accompany him to a lonely place for•the purpose of his murderous attack, has been committed to Northampton gaol.

ROBBERY.—On Thursday morning, at Laughton-en-le-Morthen, the house of a lady named Clarke, a widow' was entered by a chamber win- dow; one of the thieves proceeded to Mrs. Clarke's bed-room, and de- manded her money; she immediately presented her purse containing some silver ; she was ordered to produce something more, whereupon she gave to the fellow her poOket-book, containing: a live-guinea note of the Rotherham Bank. The thieves having decamped, it was discovered that between 2001. and 3001. in gold, consisting of sovereigns and guineas, had been taken from a coffer in one of the rooms. A considerable num- ber of fine sheets, and two or three silver spoons, were likewise carried off.—Sheffield Iris.

DANGEROUS DREAM.—On Tuesday morning, a gentleman residino. at Linton dreamed that the house was falling, and bolting out of bed, rushed to the stair, and took it at one leap. When raised, he was insen- sible, his right thigh-bone broken, and his person otherwise severely bruised. A dispatch was sent for Surgeon Liston, who set the thigh- bone, and administered such Cordials as have put the gentleman in a fair way of recovery.—Edinburoh Paper.

MURDER.-011 Sunday sennight, in the evening, a farmer named Iles- slim, going home from a hurling-mata; accompanied by his wife and some other women, was attacked at Cloughane, near Clare Galway' by live men, who were waiting for him near a gap. One man struck him with a stick on the head, knocking him against a wall, which fell be- neath him ; another struck at him when falling, hitting him also on the head ; and when down, four of the five heat him most brutally. His wife, who was far advanced in pregnancy, threw herself across the body, striving to protect the head and vital parts, and was herself brutally beaten ; the roan was at this time senseless, the blood spouting profusely from his head and mouth. When assistance came, it was finind that Hession was dead. A verdict of wilful murder has been found against John Cullinane, John Walsh, both of Toneabilly, John Heany, of Cloughane, and Thomas Nolan, of the Gates, and against James Holmes, of Loughgeorge, as aiding and abetting.—Western Argus. THE LANCASHIRE FORGERY CAST:.—Calvert and Collier, the two men convicted of forgery, and left for execution at Lancaster, have been re- spited, with a view to a commutation of punishment.

ExEounow.—On Wednesday last week, Reynolds and Marshall, who had been respited for a fortnight, underwent the extreme penalty of the law, on a new drop erected upon the House of Correction at Notting- ham. Their offence was a most outrageous rape.