3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 12

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Sia,--The well reasoned and thoroughly unbiased views expressed in the article on the above subject will be generally appreciated, although many will differ from the writer as to the lack of opportunity under existing circumstances in America for the boys and girls who are now growing up to cultivate the taste for alcohol. With the home-brewing and home-drinking habit now prevalent, there is a tendency to familiarize the rising generation with liquor. It may be urged that the fault lies not with the law but with the law-breakers, although the result may be none the less serious. The dry enactment has been in operation barely two years, but during that period another generation has grown to what may be termed drinking age, and the fact that recently an eighteen- year-old New York girl preferred a pocket-flask to a cigarette case for a birthday present is significant. Judged from a moral standard, the failure of Prohibition to prohibit is the worst feature. When men of the highest character and attainments regard the violation of the law as morally respectable the tendency is to weaken the civic spirit and lower the standard

of citizenship.—I am, Sir, &c., J. Pons's. 42 Leonard Avenue, Nottingham.