3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 15


[To ens Emelt OP TEl " Specrazoi.") SLE,—On the 23rd August a bird, rarely seen in this part of Scotland, a wryneck, was picked up dead, but still warm, near our house in Forfarshire. The bird had evidently flown against a newly cleaned glass window and killed itself. I would be interested to learn if any of your readers have seen other wrynecks in this region, because it does not seem probable that one solitary member of a migratory flock of birds should have become separated from its fellows and lost its way; unless, perhaps, it had been singled out and chased by some bird of prey such as a sparrow-hawk, of which there are ninny in this county.—I am, Sir, &c., J. V. Doze 3Iauiesdea, Brechin, Forfarshire.