3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 15


SIZ,—Your delightful article of July 9th on the National Trust emboldens me to plead for 'the preservation to the public of the view-point on the heights of Parkstone known as Stromboli. It is certainly unique in the South of England. The coast line from the Great Harry Rocks by Studland Bay to Sandbanks and the curve of Canford Cliffs lies below, while the eye roams westward over the Purbeck downs and the lakes and estuaries which form Poole Harbour. " No one," in your phrase, " can destroy this view," but the public is in danger of being deprived of, or at all events limited in its enjoyment of it, for within the last months the main hillock has been -hurdled off, designed apparently for the erection of some private building. I would appeal through you to the National Trust and also to the wealth and local patriotism of Bourne- mouth and this district to enable the Trust to prevent this grievous loss. Let me quote your words again : "There is no worthier or more lasting memorial possible than a gift of some beautiful place to public uses." " Stromboli" is a misnomer. If some English name—say that of one of those Dorset worthies who gave their lives for Britain in the war—replaced it, this hill, becoming a memorial of one whose deeds should not be forgotten, would take on the glory of history in addition to its natural beauty.—I am, Sir, &c., C. H. Minims Belair, Parkstone.