3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

Herr Erzberger, the well-known German politician who signed the Armistice

at the instance of .Marshal von Hindenburg, was murdered by two youths in the Black Forest on Frislay,'August 26th. A 'fellow-deputy with whom he was walking was shot at and wounded in the lungs. The assassins then fired repeatedly at Herr Erzberger, and, having killed him, made good• their escape. 'The motives of the crime were obviously political. Harr Erzberger, formerly an ardent Imperialist, had been quick to recognize the changes brought about by the collapse of the German .armies. He made the Armistice, helped to establish the Republic, and advocated the acceptance of the Peace Treaty. His Conservative opponent& had sought -to make him a scapegoat for the sins of the old system, and his own party, the Roman Catholic Centre, gave him 'but 'lukewarm support. The assassins were doubtless- under the -belief that the removal of Herr Erzberger would pave the way to a -restoration of the Monarchy.