3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

Serious disturbances are reported from South-Western India. The , Aloplahs, a

fanatical Moslem race of Arab origin living in Malabar, broke out into revolt on August 20th, when the police attempted to arrest some Caliphate agitators at Tirurangadi, south of Caliout. The police and troops were attacked, and two officers were waylaid and murdered. The railway was torn up, and the small towns, villages and plantations were pillaged. At least two European planters were murdered, but most of the victims were Hindus. Reinforcements were hastily sent to Malabar, and sailors from the Comus ' were landed at Calicut. On Friday, August 26th, a column marching to relieve Malap- purtim encountered a• thousand Moplah insurgents, who fought desperately until four hundred of them had been killed. A police officer and two soldiers were killed, an officer of the. Leinsters and 'several. men' were wounded in the 'action. By. Monday punitive columns were converging on the town where the rebellion.began, and the railway had been repaired.