3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

The Moplah rising illustrates the extreme danger of Mr. Montagu's

policy, to which the Indian Government are com- pelled 'to conform, of ignoring seditious agitation until there is a violent outbreak with loss of life and property. Mr. Gandhi and his Moslem sillies have been allowed for months past to preach •revolution, and though Mr. Gandhi himself professes to disapprove of violence, his subordinates are restrained by no scruples. The results are now seen in Malabar. The Moplahs are a very ignorant, lawless and excitable people who have been worked up- to frenzy by the Moslem agitators of the "non- co-operation " party. The local officials must have known perfectly well that this propaganda would lead to bloodshed, but they were doubtless forbidden to take action until the rebellion was actually on the point of breaking out. It is to be observed that the Moplahs, having risen, made no distinction between non-Moslems, attacking Christians and Hindus with equal fury. Mr. Gandhi and the brothers All assert that Moslems and Hindus will co-operate together against us. But any weakening of the British Raj would certainly mean the revival of the old struggles between Moslems and Ilirtdus, in which the Hindus would suffer.