3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 2

The United •States made a treaty of peace with Germany

in Berlin on Thursday, August -25th. Germany agreed to accord to America all the sights and advantages stipulated under the Treaty of Versailles, despite the fact that the Senate had not ratified that Treaty. It was provided that the 'United States should not be bound by the Covenant or by any provision

relating to the Covenant, and would not assume any obligation with respect to the territorial clauses—except the general clauses by which Germany renounced all oversee territory and rights—or to the international labour organization. America expressly set aside Article 228, providing for the trial of war criminals. She reserved the right to take .partin any commission appointed under the Treaty of Versailles. It may be assumed that the Senate will ratify this truncated version of the Peace Treaty, from which the clauses that excited bitter controversy have been omitted. Mr. Wilson probably did not feresee -this solution of the _problem..