3 SEPTEMBER 1921, Page 23

READABLE NOVELS. —A Fool's Errand. By Mrs. Victor Rickard. (Hodder

and Stoughton. Ss. 6d. net.) A story of an impersonation in which the hero, for want of something to do, goes to Rangoon to take up a most disreputable post which a man of the same name whom he comes across in a hotel is willing to surrender to him. Though amusing, the writing of the book is hardly up to Mrs. Riokard's level.—The Blue Dress. By Violet Ford. (Melrose. 78. 6d. net.)—An amusing little book concerning the adventures of a Swiss girl who comes to England to look after a child. The account of how on her return home she improves her father's cafe will be enjoyed by readers of simple tastes and who like an ingenuous and perfectly innocent story.