3 SEPTEMBER 1937, Page 39


BY Zino

[A prize of a Book Token for one guinea will be given to the sender of the first correct solution of this week's crossword puzzle to be opened. Envelopes should be marked " Crossword Puzzle," and should be received not later than first post on Tuesday. No envelopes will be opened before noon on Tuesday. Solutions should be on the form cppearing below. The name of the winner will be published in our next issue. Envelopes ontezimng solutions must bear a three-halfpenny stamp, otherwise they are surcharged en delivery. Solutions from the U.S.A. cannot be accepted.)


10 11 12



15 16



I 19

20 121


23 124

I 125






30 31





ACROSS r, The kind of hat for a sweep ? 9. My first is unchecked in 28, my second in x across. H. What a tall person extreme youth.

15. Hansel and Gretel wanted to go about this restaurant.

18. Caviar, Peter (snag.).

20 with 7. To get slovenly slip this on. zr. rev. " Daughter of Jove, relentless power,

Thou . . . of the human breast."

22. Set of aphorisms in Sanskrit literature.

23. Output.

24. rev. Becomes a gluttonous person by swallowing nothing.

25. " Princely counsel in his face yet shone,

Majestic though in . . ." z6. rev. It's made moderate with 33. z8. Competent to finish a prayer ? 3o. rev. with 6. " Never shake Thy

. locks at me." 35. Musical instrument that always keeps time.

34. Unruffled poetically ? 35. Substitution of epithet for proper name.

DOWN r. Here, tide did give man time !

2. What a miser uses for protection.

3. Excite curiosity by means of money. 4. State of the South. 5. rev. Liquid kept in motion by breath.

6. rev. See 3o. wears recalls

7. rev. See 20.

8. Not used to locate a puncture-but a good thing to do.

to. Man is partly intended to last indefinitely.

12. " Like Cato, . . . his little senate laws, And sit attentive to his own applause."

53. Sound of this causes alarm.

re. Person of preternatural insight. 16. rev. Not a z6 person.

x7. Toward this place is not a gentle- manly thing to do. 59. Received by the ear.

27. rev. " You will find people ready enough to do the Samaria an, without the . . . and twopence."

29. Shakespearian character with an unchecked letter of to.

32. With trees above the sky.

33. rev. See z6.