3 SEPTEMBER 1937, Page 6

I believe in attendance at public worship, for reasons which

I could, if necessary, develop at some length. And I believe in removing all unnecessary obstacles to attendance. Those vicars who encourage hikers to come to a service in whatever dress they may happen to be wearing are entirely wise. I suppose there are clerics who would rather a girl stayed away from church than come without a hat ; if so they are of a mentality beyond my comprehension. But when I read (in the News Chronicle) of an incumbent who, to encourage his parishioners to come to his early service, is arranging for sausage breakfasts to be served after it, the effect on my mind—but I refrain from the comment to which I am tempted, and content myself with asking what the spiritual value of a service is to which worshippers need to be attracted by such inducements. The same applies to more than one other expedient invoked to " popularise religion." The dividing line between popularising and