3 SEPTEMBER 1937, Page 6

Mr. Thomas Farr of Tonypandy is perhaps an even more

remarkable man than his recent conflict with Mr. Louis of Detroit would suggest. Even from his boxing one can see his quickness of mind, and still more his adaptability to circumstances that have never unduly favoured him. One so courageous can hardly fail to be popular ; but among those who know him Farr is liked and respected because he has never forgotten his early friends and especially his family. It is easy to see why a man from the valleys, with several brothers and sisters, should have every incentive to " get in the big money " ; but Farr is remarkable for his determination to make, not himself; but those who depend on him comfortable. For himself; his ambitions are probably directed more to the stage than the ring, which is his business ; he has a fine singing voice, would like to have it trained, and would certainly work as hard at it as he has in rising from the boxing-booth to the Yankee Stadium. There was a suggestion)last year that he might referee the boxing scene in Hugh the Drover at Sadler's Wells ; I don't fancy he did, but I'm sure he would have prepared himself for it with conscientious thoroughness.