3 SEPTEMBER 1943, Page 1

Sweden on Guard

The people of Sweden, deeply moved by events in Denmark, have their own quarrel with Germany, and their Government is firmly holding its own against the latest intrusion on their rights. Already they had insisted that the traffic of German troops over their railways must cease, and the Germans had been compelled to yield. But then came another brutal example of Nazi arrogance, when German mine-sweepers opened fire at fifty yards on Swedish fishing-boats, sank two of them and appear to have made no effort

to save the crews. A sharp protest was immediately presented in Berlin. The Note refused to accept the German plea that the area was described as " forbidden waters," and disputed the right to forbid fishing in international waters that had long been used by Swedish fishermen. The Danish warships that succeeded in escaping when the fighting began made their way to Swedish ports, and were there received and actively protected. The German Press has been let loose to give verbal chastisement Li) the Swedish Government and the outspoken Swedish Press, and has menacingly reminded Sweden that she is surrounded on all sides by countries directly or indirectly under German influence. But threats of this kind have not the force that once they had Germany today has presumably, enough on her hands without adding a war with Sweden. By arrogance and stupid brutality the Germans are undoing all that they have attempted to do by years of propaggnda directed at keeping neutrals well- disposed to them. Today there is not a country in Europe that is well-disposed to Germany, with the possible exception of Franco's Spain, and none have had " friendly relations " with her without learning to detest her.