3 SEPTEMBER 1988, Page 21

Sir: About the mystery of Mr Rudolf Hess. It wasn't

a mystery to me at the time — but very simple. Mr Rudolf Hess was a mem- ber of what was then called the Oxford Group and is now called Moral Rearma- ment.

I was a member of this group myself at the time. It was concerned with 'putting God into politics' and made a point of the power of the individual when guided by God. I am convinced that Rudolf Hess loved God and loved peace; that, in his quiet time in the morning he got the inspiration to do what he did. He told the British Government this (it was mentioned in the papers at the time).

No wonder people think there is a great mystery. The gap between his thinking and our thinking is too great. But I hope for his sake God accepted his well-meant effort.

Hilda Martin

8 Castle Hill, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire