3 SEPTEMBER 1988, Page 21

Waugh to the knife

Sir: Mr Auberon Waugh is eloquent (Another voice, 27 August) on the medical advantages of circumcision. Among the disadvantages he does not mention is the possibility that those who undergo this procedure become obsessed with the sub- ject in later life.

At our prep school, All Hallows, Shep- ton Mallet, Somerset, Waugh was noted for his claim that he himself had been dealt with at the age of two and a half instead of the usual age of four days. Was this usual in 1942, or even legal? It is said that in Mr Waugh's household even the dogs are seen to in this way. Dandelion, a six month-old pekingese re- cently acquired by Mr Waugh, is still entire, but how long will it be before he is reduced to the same state as Leo, the senior peke? Taunton animal lovers will have to move fast if Dandelion is to be saved from Mr Waugh's little silver fruit knife.

Patrick Marnham Paris