4 APRIL 1914, Page 1

In the Gommons on Friday week Mr. Asquith made a

state- ment about the resignations of Sir John French and Sir J. S. Ewart, after having twice postponed it owing to the negotia- tions of the Cabinet with these officers. Even then Mr. Asquith could say only that a final reply from the officers had not been received, but he explained that, in initialling the Memorandum handed to General Gough, Sir John French and General Ewart had supposed themselves to be carrying out the wishes of the Cabinet. In order to avoid such miscon- ceptions in the future, the Army Council, including Sir John French and General Ewart, had issued a new "Discipline Order." The Order provides (1) that no officer or soldier shall be questioned as to what attitude he would adopt in hypothetical circumstances; (2) that no officer or soldier may ask for assurances as to future orders; (3) that in particular it is the duty of every officer and soldier to obey all lawful commands for the safeguarding of public property, or the support of the civil power in the ordinary execution of its duty, or the protection of lives and private property in the case of disturbance of the ponce. Mr. Asquith added that no aggressive operations against Ulster had been thought of by the Government or any members of the Government Mr. Boner Law replied that he was absolutely sure that a "sudden repressive movement" had been contemplated.