4 APRIL 1914, Page 13


"SracrAToz."] is to be hoped that this cry so ingeniously put forward by certain supporters of the Government will be accepted in Scotland, at any rate, with reserve. Probably the most hated name in Scotland to this day is that of Graham of Clever- liouse, the " bloody Clavers." Suppose that gallant officer, as indeed he was, had refused to undertake the work laid on him of exterminating the Covenanters, what a different story would have been told of him I After all, these Covenanters were only dying for the sake of a sentiment, as those in Ulster to-day are prepared to do. Yet refusal to commit what, in the case of Claverhouee, was, and still is, considered heartless brutality, earns for our officers to-day en equal hatred. Surely Scotland, in the light of her own history, will refuse to be moved by this shameless mode of electioneering.—I am, Sir, &o., CHAS. A. MACILINLAX. 309 Lobbies Loan, Glasgow.